Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pukey McStabbyEye

Happy Halloween everyone! After Corin's first adventure in pumpkin-carving, we were invited to a friend's pumpkin party, so we did a second one with Corin, this time buying one of those kid-safe saws so that he could participate in the actual carving.

He didn't quite have the strength to push and pull on the saw when it was stuck firmly in the pumpkin flesh, but once I had popped out the eyes, he liked stabbing the eye sockets, repeatedly. It was pretty gruesome. And totally Halloween-y.

Also, since we had started the project with the eyes rather than scooping it out first, all the guts were left inside behind the eyeballs and the mouth, which people at the party thought was equally gruesome. We made him barf it out a little, hence the moniker Pukey McStabbyEye.

That's just so wrong.

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