Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sambosa-style leftover pockets

You might have noticed my obsession with finding new ways to use crunchy spring roll wrappers, from "nests" to tubes to stacking layers. I have not yet posted how this obsession began, which was trying to figure out how to use up a package of spring roll sheets after I bought them and then realized I have no talent at deep-frying things. (I either get the temperature too low and oil-sog whatever it is, or I get it too high and splatter myself and the kitchen.)

The only way I could figure to make the spring rolls crispy was to give it a lot of flat surface area, then fry on each side with a little oil. It ended up being much more akin to a Mediterranean sambosa, except square instead of triangular. To use up the rest of the package, I ended up just making fillings from whatever scraps I had in the fridge — mushrooms and cheese, mashed meatballs, rice and beans. It worked with a wide varieties of cuisines, which isn't that surprising given that Africa, Western Asia, India, and South America all have variations on the samosa / samoosa / samuza / sambusa. Now I keep some shells around in the freezer for the purpose of energizing leftovers with a little bit of a twist.

2 spring roll sheets per pocket (my favorite is O'Tasty)

1) Peel off one shell from the package. These can dry out rather quickly so I like to peel off just one at a time as I'm using them.

2) Fill the center with leftovers. (I never measure, but probably 3/4 cup would be about right.)

3) Fold two opposite corners on top of each other.

4) Fold the other two corners on top of them.

5) Peel off another shell, and place the first pocket corners-down in the center. (The thin side is probably damp at this point, which is why you need two layers.)

6) Fold two opposite corners on top of each other.

7) Apply a small dab of butter to the two remaining corners, and fold them into the center. (You'll need to butter to get them to stick, since hopefully you've kept the moisture off of the outer layer.)

8) Heat a teaspoon or two of oil in a non-stick skillet until piping hot, then add the pocket.

9) Cook each side until lightly browned, and both sides are crunchy and breakable. You don't need for one side to finish before starting the next; you can keep flipping it so that you don't run the risk of scorching either side.

10) Let cool until you can pick it up easily with your fingers, then serve. (Repeat process for as much leftovers as you need to use up; usually two of these fills up one person.)

Bonus leftover stir-fry pics:

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