Monday, December 28, 2009

The bus

Ever since we took Corin on the bus to his 2nd birthday party at a baseball game downtown, he has been enamored with public transportation. He points out every bus he sees (calling out "44!", the number of the bus near Sharon's) and begs to go on any bus that stops nearby when we're walking.

We have recently been trying to give him his fill by taking the bus to a variety of events, and today I gave him the ultimate treat: a 75-minute ride (with one transfer) to the mall. He was giddy for quite a while (saying "more people!" at every stop), but at 50 or 55 minutes he had reached his fill, and I had to convince him every 30 seconds or so why we should stay on the bus all the way to our destination. "Off the bus! Off the bus!" (And of course when we finally did get off the bus, his first words were "more bus!") We got a few weird looks during his writhing and protesting, but, hey, this is the bus we're talking about. We've all seen crazier than that.

At any rate, the point I wanted to make when I started is that the last couple times I've been with Corin on the bus, both with Amanda and without, he's crawled into my lap, and placed his head on my chest, and put his arms around me, and holds himself there. At no other time and under no other circumstances does Corin ever sit in my lap for more than five seconds, and he never returns a hug. So even though the bus is not even close to the best way to get to the mall, taking 2 1/2 hours round trip (I was intentionally trying to kill time, of course), it's totally worth it for the half-hour of snuggles.

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