Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everyone's a critic

Recently Corin's been telling us what to do at every opportunity.

As we drove to the store today, Corin requested "more music." All of the radio presets had commercials airing except the classical station — we listened to it for 30 seconds or so before Corin said emphatically, "Apa, I can't do this."

(Sometimes he says things out of the blue, so I confirmed with him: "You mean the music?" "Yes.")

Later I caught him headbanging to "Rockin' like a Hurricane."

[Edit: For the record, just in case it still sounds like a coincidental phrase, what he usually says during a slow song or anything without a strong bassline is "different music!" This one was just so much funnier I had to archive it.]

[Edit 3/23: Yesterday it was on the classical station and this time he said, "different noise!" He wouldn't even acknowledge that it was music.]

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