Sunday, June 14, 2009

Introducing: sugar wraps

Following up on my dessert creation from a few weeks ago: I was really trying to find a word that would reflect the upright nature of the cookie — towers, spires, shoots, points, stalks, spears, etc. — since that's what's so unusual about it, but no matter what I could think of, the words didn't seem to make much sense outside of seeing the cookie. A "crunchy tower" or a "whipped spire" contain correct elements of the cookie but doesn't convey an immediate sense of what it is.

I thought that "sugar wrap," even without the picture, gives a better impression of what it is: a sweet dessert that has a thin layer wrapped around a filling. Plus, my intention was to add variations to the sugar wraps depending on my mood — a dash or cinnamon or cocoa powder on top, a single raspberry, or walnut, or maybe a smear of Nutella or cheesecake filling along the inside. I can easily describe these as:
  • Cinnamon-sugar wraps
  • Cocoa sugar wraps
  • Raspberry sugar wraps
  • Walnut sugar wraps
  • Nutella sugar wraps
  • Cheesecake sugar wraps
and they still convey a sense of what you'll be tasting. The other nice thing is, so far as I could tell from looking at and google, no one is using the term "sugar wraps" for anything, so I'm not ripping off a dessert already out there.

Next up: the recipe, and photos of the creation process (and I'll try out a few of those variations I have in mind to see if they're as good as I'm imagining)!

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