Monday, February 1, 2010

Growing up so fast

In addition to yesterday's post about a leap forward in Corin's thinking, I've noticed a few other things in the past couple days that are new:

First, in the bathtub he was squirting a tub toy and I was trying to block the spray from going over the side of the tub, and after giggling uproariously at my vain efforts, he proceeded to explain in great detail why it was so fun, that the water was going into the tub toy, and that he was squeezing it, and that I was putting my hand in front of it. Not all the words were there — there filler there especially for the verbs, just a 'duh-ba-lub-a-duh' gibberish standing in for any words he didn't know, but he usually only talks about one idea at a time rather than linking three.

Second, he was watching a new VeggieTales video about Saint Nicholas, and when they were talking about his parents dying, Corin got rather upset. I'm still not entirely sure he understood what was going on (he had been rather tired as a result of waking up several times during the night with a cough and sniffle), and it might just have been a coincidental breakdown, but I think he might have been feeling empathy for the sad characters.

And third, he's getting more comfortable being on his own. This is not necessarily a good thing, as I've probably come to rely on his shyness and his needing the comfort of a nearby parent too much. Back before we had kids I thought that I'd definitely need one of those leash harnesses they make to keep children from running off, but so far in reality it hasn't been a problem. Today, though, we were at the library and I was doing the self-checkout (which he usually 'helps out' with), but instead of staying with me he was off toward the exit, then back in the entrance, then into and through the librarian area, and into the holds area and saying "Apa? Apa?" before I could even finish. (Fortunately I was able to look up and track him in between steps.) The other day in Red Robin he was running all over the restaurant, too, going back and forth between our table, and the video games, which were out of our eyeline. Usually if he wants to go somewhere where he can't keep an eye on us he has to drag us with him, but he was off like a shot and I had to locate him and make sure he was still in the restaurant. It's probably a really good step for him, to take a step out of the nest, but it's hard for me to adjust to because I have been reliant on his clinginess so far to keep him safe and looked after. It's a whole new ballgame.

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  1. It does seem like Corin has been progressing rather rapidly over the past couple months. I guess he has enough of a foundation now and can more easily add on new skills. I love just listening to him talk now, marveling at how far he has come in such a short time.

    And maybe our time at the mall has contributed to his lack of fear in such situations--he'll definitely be keeping us on our toes, but he's pretty much always done that!