Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nickname central

We have a habit in our house of giving each other little nicknames on a hourly or minutely basis. If Corin is wearing sunglasses, he's "Mr. Cool" or if he's wearing his fireman helmet, we say, "Look at you, Snazzy Hat!" and the like.

Corin will sometimes repeat these nicknames (as he does the end of nearly every sentence we say to him), but we figured he had no real concept of what we were doing.

Until today, when, after stuffing his face with a chocolate-covered cookie (TimTams!), I took him to the bathroom to wash his hands, he took a look in the mirror at himself, and said "Hey Cookie-Face!"

I double-checked with Amanda to see if he wasn't just repeating something she's said, and it was indeed a complete original. To prove the point, when he went back out to Amanda he said, "Hi, Chocolate Fingers!"


  1. How fun! And incredible, really, considering his age. Can't wait to hear what else he comes up.

  2. Today in the bath he said "Hi, Soap Face!" so it's becoming a thing.