Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love this city

I sat down at the library today to type up some notes on "Prayer and Temperament" and got into a two-hour conversation with a stranger about psychology, Jesus, home church, education, Paul, James, canonization, third-century food, American cities, love and marriage, divinity, loving one another, and the call of God on us. (Sorry, other library patrons.) It wasn't remotely weird or stilted, but rather substantive, challenging, refreshing. It's amazing, walking and weaving among people all day, to stop and to uncover the fullness and variety of a life of the person just one seat over.


  1. His church was studying some of the liturgies of the third-century Christians and had a meal of the era together to experience them. I'm not sure the food itself was specifically targeted to an exact date as much as the liturgy was, just simple things like olives and basic breads and so forth.