Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A morning dialogue

I wake up to Corin saying "Eye? Eye?" and find him holding my glasses. This is his signal that he's ready for a playmate.

"Uuuuunh," he says as he pulls my arm, in case I didn't get the hint.

I stand up, put on my glasses, and he takes me over to the fan we use to circulate air during the night.

"Ah, Ah?"

"Off?" I confirm. He nods, so I turn it off for him, and he adds "Chu" ("Tschüß," which is German for "goodbye"), saying goodbye to the air.

We're off to the bathroom. "Tee?" he says.

"You want your toothbrush?" Again, he nods, and I give him his toothbrush to use while I use the toilet.

When I finish, he tears off a piece of toilet paper and adds it to the bowl. "Chu," he says as I flush the paper down.

We head out to the living room and he heads right to my laptop.

"Pay?" he says, also using the sign-language motion for "play."

"You want it to play a video? OK, let's do that." He loves to watch cars, airplanes, monkeys, nursery rhymes, and of course, himself on YouTube clips.


"You want a car video?" He does. We find some racing footage and he is enthralled for the next 52 seconds until it ends.

"Mo? Mo?"

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