Friday, April 30, 2010

Sugar wraps recipe

It has now been 11 months since I promised you all a recipe and photos for how to make my dessert creation known as Sugar Wraps. And now, I finally deliver:

Ingredients for 12 cookies:
6 sheets spring roll wrappers
± 1/2 cup powdered sugar
± 1/2 stick salted butter
whipped cream (of whatever variety you like)

(I never actually measure the butter or sugar, since I have plenty on hand; that's my best guess for rough amounts if you're running low)

1) Thaw the spring roll wrappers in advance (they usually come frozen), and then open the package and peel off two at a time.

2) Butter each wrapper very thinly, then shake on some powdered sugar.

3) Shake off excess powdered sugar.

4) Fold wrapper in half diagonally.

5) Cut in two to make triangles like so.

6) Now here comes the tricky part: Butter the bottom two corners of the triangle where the wrap is going to be pressing against itself, so that it will stick to itself. It will make more sense as you see the photos of how the roll-form is shaped:

Essentially, you want the top of the rightmost corner and the bottom of the leftmost corner to be buttered well enough that it sticks together and hold its shape.

Note that you will want to work quickly on these (and never have more than two wrappers out of the package at a time) so the wraps don't become too dry and crackly. Slightly stiff but still pliable is the best for forming the tubes, and then they can get a little dry as they sit in the pan.

7) You saw this coming: place in a cupcake pan like so as you finish with them and let them set up. I use a cupcake pan because quite a bit of butter drains off each wrap and you don't want it to drip off of a flat cookie sheet.

8) Bake completed wraps (after even the last ones have been able to dry somewhat) in your oven at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes. They're done when the tops are browned but not burnt.

Note that you will probably lose one or two to collapse, which will not be good for presentation but is still tasty to eat.

9) Let dry completely. Depending on whether you overbuttered (try to push back into tube shape while they're still moist using spoon and knife) or if the wrappers got too dry (trim the bottom off with scissors), you might be able to rescue any deformities.

Note that the cookies will stay crunchy and edible for 3-4 days if kept loosely wrapped in paper towels in a cardboard box (no plastics), so you can make them in advance for a party.

10) Just before serving, spoon or spray your whipped cream into the center. Yum!

For variation, you might want to add on top:
  • a walnut and nutmeg,
  • mini chocolate chips,
  • or a raspberry and cocoa powder,
depending on your mood or the season!

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