Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chocolate bread

This morning Corin asked for "chocolate bread" and I couldn't figure out what he meant. Did he mean the banana bread I'd given him a few days ago that had chocolate nibs in it? No, he insisted.

Did he mean chocolate cupcakes, which we had with Grandma? No, again. (Although I'm surprised he didn't take that suggestion and run with it, since I brought it up.)

Eventually, he pulled out a loaf of naan that I'd brought out for breakfast (naan and hummus being his favorite meal these days) and I thought that I'd just been mis-hearing the word chocolate, or he'd been using the wrong term. Clearly he wanted his soft bread.

Then he brought the naan to the jar of Nutella I'd left out from the night before and said "chocolate bread!" again.

His first recipe!

(Followed closely by his second recipe, which involved balancing dried cranberries on top of the bread and eating "raisin bread"!)


  1. this fabulous!
    I fully approve of his combinatorial instincts so far.

    (but based on my most recent blog post on the topic of food, people may not trust my taste much :)