Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sick toddler

Corin isn't feeling very well right now, making him a little unenthusiastic for much beyond couch potato status. I was out shopping and stopped by the Goodwill Outlet in SoDo where you can buy toys by the pound, and got three Mr. Potato Head bodies with about 30 accessories (all for a buck!) to compliment the Potato Head he already has. But even that didn't cheer him up.

I showed him the first one, which was sort of clown-esque with a silly grin and giant orange feet, and Corin dismissed him.

"Too goofy," he said.

OK, fine. He's a little in-your-face. What about the second one, a cute baby-sized version? "Too small."

Well, there was always the normal-looking one, exactly like his old favorite. Nope. "Too big."

Poor little sick guy.

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