Monday, August 10, 2009

Boys night in

Last night I decided to try an experiment with Corin to see how long he would sit through a movie. The answer is about 20-25 minutes at a time, and that included me interacting with him on what we were seeing on screen. "See him, that's R2D2. What's he doing? Is he leaving C3PO? Where do you think he's going?"

Then we were off to do other things, and after a while returned for another session. He started to get more into it, and he especially loved it whenever Princess Leia was on screen. We got the point where every time she came on screen he'd say "Princess!" (or his equivalent: Suss-suss!) and then whenever it cut to someone else, he'd turn to me and say "More?" (of course, missing the cut back to her). It was funny the first ten times, and then I figured we were done for the night.

But since he loved Princess Leia so much, I thought I'd dig out my old Star Wars toys and see if he wanted to play with a Princess that wouldn't keep disappearing on him. What's funny is that I found Leia in a baggie of ten other figures, and out of the bag he could correctly point out which ones were Threepio and Artoo. His version of "playing" included ripping off the arms of C3PO (fortunately it's the one with the removable arms and legs from The Empire Strikes Back) and knocking over all the figures when I stood them up for him. Still, it was fun to see him fascinated by these action figures.

I knew hanging on to those toys for the past 30 years was a good idea.

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