Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Knock, knock

The other day we were telling Knock Knock jokes in the car, and every time someone said "Knock, knock" Corin would laugh, as if that was the joke.

Today we thought we'd see if he's laugh at it again, but instead when we said "Knock knock," Corin just repeated "Knock! Knock!"

"Who's there?" we asked, laughing, as if he would then continue to tell a joke.

"Ah-toe" he said in response.

Humoring him, I said "Ah-toe who?"

"Ah-toe-pus!" (which, of course, means octopus)

Then, just to prove it wasn't a coincidence, he repeated the same joke four times. And he got us to laugh at it every time. His first joke!

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