Thursday, January 7, 2010

Corin bits

Writing those decade lists knocked me out of commission for a while; I had meant to post a few Corin anecdotes in between but didn't get around to it. Here are three that I remember from the past couple weeks:

* Corin has started playing with his toys as if they are characters. Before it would always be him, playing with his train object. Now, the train objects are different characters (thanks, Thomas the tank engine) and they interact with each other. Pretty fun to see that leap.

* Corin calls the guitar the "guitarg."

* One day Corin started saying something that sounded like "Apa shuffle! Apa shuffle!" Not knowing what in the world he meant, I decided to riff off of the Chicago Bear's Super Bowl Shuffle and made up words about Corin and Apa. It's his new favorite thing to make me do now, even though I keep faltering out on verses as I can't think of rhymes. I think his favorite is my '80s-style beat-boxing. (You will notice I don't do this in public.)

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