Thursday, January 21, 2010

Limited imagination

Corin could play (and does play) trucks all day long, but when he wants me to play trucks with him I quickly run out of steam.

"Pbbbbbbbbbbbb, pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb," I make the noise of the car engine and race it along. Then I add, "His car must run on farts."

"No pooted! No pooted!" he retorts.

* * *

"Oh, no, the bus rolled over! Weee-ooh weee-ooh! Mr. Bus Driver, were you drinking again? Yes, officer. Sorry, officer."

* * *

"Here's Evel Knievel in the brown truck, and he's going to jump all the other cars! Ker-chunck! He's airborne, he's going to make it! He ... he ... no, he smashes into the last car!"

He has no idea what to make of this. Apparently I know how to amuse only myself with trucks.

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