Sunday, January 10, 2010


I haven't posted any of Corin's latest YouTube obsessions lately because they've been either preschool stuff like the Wiggles or really bizarre things like the song below — nothing I want to admit that he likes. But in the interest of posterity, I've been convinced that I have to share this one with you all.

(For the record, assuming that the cartoon is scientifically accurate — and I have no reason to think that it isn't — the blood must be from crabs cutting up his mouth, not him biting on crabs, since crab blood is white with a bluish tinge.)


  1. Oh wow, that is kind of disturbing! Hopefully Corin doesn't really understand what is going on or I might have to worry about his morbid fascination with blood and guts at such a young age :o). BTW, who on earth thinks up these things and decides to write a song and animate it?

  2. It's actually similar to most of the preschool videos he watches: bright colors, simple shapes, animals, nonsensical but catchy song. I'm not sure he understands it on any level other than that. Except that it makes me laugh out loud -- he seems to like that aspect.

  3. By the way, it was Steve's supposition that the red blood must not be crab blood, but I'm the one who went and Googled it for him to confirm. I'm handy that way.

    Courtney, I think it's benign for him (though not for me — I cringe as I laugh when watching it) in the same way that "Great big gobs of gooey, gooey gopher guts" or "Deck the halls with gasoline" is funny to kids. Corin in particular, of course, isn't self-aware enough to think about it at all. But even as he gets older, I wouldn't be surprised if it still doesn't bother him. Kids have no clue they're not immortal, so they don't really think in terms of suffering. This was my way-too-deep thought on the Crabs song.

    Still have it going through my head...